the cross is always bigger, the pilot edition

inspiration flows from john wood’s mouth and heart every single sunday.

a few weeks ago, he explained the gospel and our understanding of it like when you first come to know the gospel and the cross and his abundant love for you – grace is always bigger than our sin, but they still seem not too far away, but then… as time goes on. you realize how big that gap between how great his grace is and how lowly our sin is. the gap between sin and grace is always growing as we learn more about our sinfulness and his holiness and we must remember that the gap between grace and sin can be filled with nothing – not our performance, our insecurities, our job, our finances, our families, our friends – nothing, but the cross. we can’t meet any amount to receive that grace; it’s all ready been done, on the cross.

i hope to remember this daily.. that the cross is always bigger. i want to find moments where the cross is intertwined all throughout my days.. so i will document these moments of remembrance with pictures. it is mainly a project for me to continually remember that the cross is most important and can be found all over and in my days.

my hope is that when i see the cross out and about during my day it will recenter me in my thinking, in my busyness of what i believe, who i am living for, and what was sacrificed so that i might have life to the full (and to share it with you! duh, let’s be “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” romans 1:12). you might have to look for the cross, but they will be there. like a hidden prize. i already want a new zoom lens for my new camera, so we’ll have to deal unti then. could be fun right? i know that i want to live out of grace and the cross, so here starts my journey..

p.s. i think i’ll dub this series CAB (for the Cross is Always Bigger) – – look out for more to come! already got some stored away.


2 thoughts on “the cross is always bigger, the pilot edition

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