meet paul tripp. how could you not trust this mustache? then again, i’ve been known to be biased towards some facial hair. this man sees life through a gospel-lens. i seek to do the same.

i’m thankful for the people in my life who are like paul here. speaking to me what sometime i cannot see: how the gospel is lived out in ordinary daily actions (i.e. being a good steward of what christ has given you, viewing work/school as a divine place to love and serve others, how god gives us bread not stones, giving grace in the smallest moments of the day)

once upon a time, i found some “survival skills” on paul tripp’s website. survival skill number 13 was on repeat, sometimes two times a week, in the spring. in my car, in my earbuds while i ran, in my thoughts, in my conversations.

then, i stumbled upon this article ( god’s will for your wait ) on the gospel coalition site earlier this week.

i could re-read this article every hour of every day for the rest of forever.

maybe i will.


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