new look + florida

i know, i know… things look different. going for more simplistic. peer pressure from martha.

as a fan of confrontation and of design/color/art, i had to. bring it up that is (accompanied by the change).

next subject matter… please.

A FALL BREAK RECAP (by the way, this is my last fall break as a college student, whoa):

{road trip to destin}

with some vision troubles,

lovely views of tennessee hills,

a pit stop in chattanooga,

small town businesses,

and welcoming small town charm.

{beach life}

celebrated twenty-two years of livin’

beached it up,

supported tennessee (and volunteer traditions),

thought of + talked to a good ol’ south carolina boy,

took lots o’ these,

watched the sky a lot,

wandered around the Seafood Festival and the harbor,

saw a bunch of these boogers on our last day,

and dined like kings at dewey destin.

{life of a student on fall break}

 happens in the car

on the beach,

it never stops.

very relaxing. laughed a lot. gotta my tan back.
loved the weather. ate like a champ. love my family.

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