if you knew my taste buds, you would know… they faint over anything almond. 

almond hot chocolate, almond scones, one time i put almond extract in my oatmeal (fail), sugared almonds, cinnamon-blasted almonds, the color almond i’m writing with here, almond crescents from the bakery in buena vista

on this last lovely sunday, i made an almond cake.

it was its maiden voyage in my sea of cooking endeavors.

a little touch of a recipe and a little touch of my taste bud’s preferences. perfect combo if you are me. 

{what you need for the batter}

1 Cup Butter
1 Cup Water
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
2 Eggs
1 1/2 tsp. Almond Extract

i had all of the ingredients on hand. of course, almond extract may not be a staple in your kitchen, but it always has a front row spot in my cupboard. for the calorie-care-takers out there, i had light sour cream and skim milk. not my first choice in the baking realm of dairy products, but it’s what i had. my fridge lacked its supply of butter, so i went with margarine. next time i’m going to go for the real stuff – butta butta butta.

begin with melting your 2 sticks of butta in a pan with 1 cup of water. oh and don’t throw away the butta wrappers, we gonna need ’em in just a minute.

get to a boil ‘n toiling trouble…

while that’s all comin’ together.. grab those wrappers. we gonna grease us up our baking pan. brilliant, right? economical. frugal. using every penny of that butta you bought.

i usually go for the circular motion, but if up-and-down-stripes are what you like… do it that way folks. just make sure you get the sides of the dish. ¡muy importante! don’t want a sticky-sided cake. unless you just want to eat it out of the pan, which i’ve been known to do. i am from call-yer-vul people.

now don’t forget to watch that bubblin’ butta, but let’s start on the dry parts of the cake batter. 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of flour.

once the butta concoction is melted – pour that juice all over the powdery white suga suga mix. it’ll look something like this.

whip it up with a mixer.

{i realize this is mid-post, but i just took a bite of this wondrous cake because obviously i’m writing after i’ve made this – i’m not lying when i say this tastes remarkably like the almond tea cake from ham & goody’s. my tastebuds feel like nothing could possibly taste better! let’s keep on going so you can know how to make your tastebuddies radiate with J  O  Y}

add in your eggs. here’s the proof. have you ever tried to crack an egg and take a picture? i’m not that talented, maybe you are.

next, the sour cream to keep things moist. i’m not a fan of making a million dishes to clean, so i just used the 1cup measurement from its earlier use with the cake batter, but only filled it up half way. you may have already thought of this and been doing it your whole life. but, in case you haven’t, there ya go.

crucial ingredient: BAKING SODA. don’t go forgettin’ ’bout her. you need her as much as she needs you.

then BAM, the beloved almond extract. go a little heavy on it if you’re like me. (mal, that means you.)

 stir – stir – stir – whisk – whisk – whisk – mix- mix – mix… now time to put our cake goo into our awesomely-buttered cake pan.

scrap the bowl for all the extras. here’s the evidence i did so.

into the oven, she goes…set your timer for approximately 21 minutes. you just don’t want to middle to be jiggly-jiggly, so keep an eye on her.

lookie there, she’s almost ready.

pull that pretty baby out and let her cool for awhile. in the south, awhile means go do some other chores, homework, make a phone call to your boo, and then come back to her.

and, we’re back pretty young thang!

{what you need for the icing}

1/2 Cup Butter
1/4 Cup Milk
3 1/2-4 Cups Powder Sugar
1 tsp. Almond Extract

melt your butta. again.

then, add the milk.

the magic of gas stoves is the heat is gone the second you turn it off. don’t be deceived, the butter-milk mixture will be hot, but it it’n gettin’ anymore heat added to it.

remember that you are talking to a fan of less dishes to wash equals more happiness, so i added that powdered sugar straight into the pan.

whisk – whisk – whisk.

something about powder sugar icing makes me have to grunt out of love for what i will soon devour. jenn knows what i’m talking about. she heard the horrid noise.

missed taking a picture of adding the ALMOND EXTRACT, but do not forget. it will be detrimental to your health.

see how drippy this is? that’s not what you want. think runny-as-melted-chocolate. we want it thicker.

there it is… can you see it? it takes time for it to run off the whisk. puuuurfect. thicker is better in this case. but not too thick, because then it would tear the top of the cake off when you ice it.

you want to be able to pour it out of the bowl. it would be bad if it was as thick as a dairy queen blizzard because you’d turn it upside down and it wouldn’t budge. we don’t like stubborn icing ’round here.

pour it on your room-temp cake – the smells at this point were already making me swoon.

spread, spread, spread.

to lick or not to lick?

TO LICK. guilty as charged.

look how thick the icing is? a heavenly thickness if you ask me.

i put the whole cake in the fridge after i iced it because one time i think i learned..

  1. it keeps the cake super moist
  2. when cakes are cooled, the icing hardens, which is prime for when you cut it and the icing won’t go everywhere
  3. it just seemed right – follow your heart when you cook, that’s my motto
{finished product}
beautiful. rich flavor. skinny slices help us stay lean right? good thing i have 5 roommates to help me eat it up.
when i make this again, i’m going to watch the cake part more carefully. i think i overcooked it just a bit. no one else noticed, but i want the edges and the middle of be soft and more airy. overall, i’m satisfied.

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