one of my favorite sinners

yes, he loves and lives for the glory of the gospel. no, he’s not perfect. yes, he makes me grit my teeth and shake my head in anger. yes, he asks for forgiveness. sometimes, he’s not great over the phone. yes, he’s better in person. no, he really is the most patient man you’d meet. yes, he makes mistakes and scraps the bottom of my car (twice) in the same driveway. but, he is my best friend who walks with me through the real moments of life. for that, i find myself abundantly thankful.

crazy moments of insecurity –  road trips – sleepy slips of southern twang – gross, girly burps – funnies that happen in the little moments
many goodbyes – lots of airplane rides – scary life transitions – real conversations about hurting from sinfulness

grateful that christ’s death upon the cross frees us from needing to live perfectly. may we all remember: to his glory, all the time. even as sinners, we can still seek to see one another as christ sees us: redeemed. forgiven. whole. a child of the King. loved for eternity. aware of our sinfulness, but living in His grace.

2 corinthians 3:5 “not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.”

loved your visit, andrew. especially how it felt so long and unrushed. thanks for the quality time, bugaboo. 3 out of 4 weekends in november, I’LL TAKE IT!


2 thoughts on “one of my favorite sinners

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