fourth grade

maybe one day i’ll explain more of what i do at my job, but today i felt jesus there. i want to share this simple moment of life in the spirit.

i taught bible today. on daniel 2:1-16. we were sitting there all together on the floor with our bibles open. my patience being tested my the class’ anxiousness to play and be children. i calm us down and we begin to read the scripture for the day.

as the class takes turns reading a verse a piece… i feel someone nudging next to me. holding onto my arm.

why is it that i love this feeling? the cuddling of a child. is it the love they are freely giving? is it the safety i know they feel next to someone? is it that they love me and they don’t know anything about me? do they even love me-dang, insecurities?

i have a few students who will want to cuddle on the playground.. some younger ones. not my fourth graders. they are “growing up” and want to be treated with respect and like adults. so, i remember who is next to me. sweet jacob. he loves the lord. he knows the gospel. he was adopted from guatemala. his precious family silently speaks of the spirit’s stirring within their souls. you can see it in the depths of their eyes when they look at their son with love and care.

i wonder if this is how the lord feels when we come to him in love and in rest. freely giving me love abundant, overflowing grace. he sees me as blameless just as jacob sees me. i know i feel safe in the comfort of my savior.. especially when i feel close and in his presence.

these are the moments i love most.

real life’s simple moment where christ gives us a glimpse of him. on a small scale.

lord, let me return to your presence in rest and in faith of your never-ending love for me.


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