– – – comin’ to ya live from the orlando airport – – – 

(this picture should bring back some memories of searching to someone)

just landed in florida and i never would have thought this state would feel like home.

i grew in this place this summer. i’m finding that as i process my life, most of this processing happens when i go back to “that” place. back to colorado. back to collierville. back to knoxville. back to florida now.

florida is a place where :: the year of change began – i got the hail damage at my car fixed – vulnerability became an emotion i must let myself feel – i found a deep, raw friendship – i learned how to live out of joy rooted in thankfulness – i became a giggle box – my heart was opened to the world of guest services – my comfort zone bubble was popped – i found another property staff family – i spent too much money at cotton on – my mistakes where seen through grace – the lord made me more like him

thankful i get to be here. spending time with josh and erin the whole weekend while seeing loads of other people.


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