mal and i have discovered {separately, but simultaneously} that the brooks family loves a good dip.

as an appetizer, as a meal, as breakfast. it’s much like diet coke to our tasebuds :: the hour doesn’t matter. we are always sittin’ on gooooo.

here’s a new one – so new, it’s not even named.

{all you need} one roll of sausage, one 8oz box of cream cheese, and one can of rotel

  • start off by browning your sausage

  • note 2 :: it really is worth it
  • obviously, you’ll want to drain the grease off, but then you want to dump this hot batch of perfectly crumpled sausage on top of the block of cream cheese (so it will melt the cream cheese) and the can of rotel (which you don’t want to drain); both at the same time that way it gets ooey {with rotel} and not just gooey {with cream cheese}
  • stir stir stir
  • (think a high class rotel dip here)
  • bake bake bake until sides are bubbly
  • then, serve with FRITOS – i know, my grandfather eats them too, but they really are the best chip to eat with
  • it’ll get gobbled up quick. pinky promise.
example A (see below)
look at all those hands going after a dip – enjoy!

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