message in a (diet coke) bottle

my life has been so hectic this semester that i’ve barely had time to do

what i love :: craft

i took some time on friday to send a little love to my friend weston

{ confession: this was not my idea. i borrowed it.

thanks to thirteen ounces or less }

but, i thought i’d share in case anyone else is into mail like me

that string is hot-glued to the lid, so that it’s not hard to get the letter out. pulls it out all by itself – – brilliant, right?

side note : that little blue part in the cap has to be taken out because the hot glue won’t stick to it. had to use my handy dandy pocketknife for that one. thanks guest services for making me have a knife on hand. 

this string is my new favorite accessory (and the zig-zagged kraft paper from target, $1.00 – love it!).

used orange+white string for my vols #GBO #VB

and here’s a visual on how it operates.

i loved this – mailing fun things might become my new hobby


One thought on “message in a (diet coke) bottle

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