last saturday night

not what i thought it would be – – but, goal to make a memory with mal = accomplished


the mitten

i’d been anxiously awaiting my trip up north for some time now.. for as long as i’d been excited to get to michigan, my worry had been ever present and pestering me. consciously, i bought a plane ticket with a thirty minute connecting flight in chicago o’hare to muskegon. what was i thinking? before buying my ticket, i talked about this with ak, clearly already stressed about it before i had even bought the ticket – – uhhhh, my warning right there! he comforted me in saying that i’ll get there somehow and if i miss my flight, we’d figure it out.

{ p u r c h a s e d }

the day comes.. i wake up semi-ready to conquer these time trials. i felt like mal and i left late to get to the airport. i felt like i forgot to pack something. i felt scattered emotionally. mal tells me that she heard the knoxville airport is super busy in the early morning. perfect, that’s just what i want to hear. i go inside to see the security line not as long as i thought.. thankful. get through security after they double-checked my bags because they “couldn’t see through them” the first time with the x-ray machine. made small talk with the TSA guy while i think i’m going to miss my flight, i’m going to miss my flight, thank you for making sure i’m not a terrorist, but i’m going to miss my flight.

traverse city on saturday

as i approach my gate, the ticket-counter-lady says that the hanger has brought the wrong plane for us. we are supposed to board in 10 minutes and the flight is going to be running as close to on schedule as possible. do you see the trend here? as i try to be in control of every situation, it’s completely ripped out of my control. a few minutes late, we board the plane bound for chicago. the pilot comes on over the plane to say that we have to defrost the plane. is this real? at this point, i remember the lord. this is obviously a part of your plan.. i know, you are inviting me to trust you and to let it happen your way. it will all glorify you in the end.

we take off 20 minutes late. one thing i know about myself.. i avoid. to avoid thinking of how i could fly the plane faster than the pilots or how upset i was that it was delayed… i opened my karen kingsbury book, every now and then. i am tears-streaming, nose-sniffling reading the end of the book as we descend into chicago. i figure that if i know my gate and don’t make a linguistic mistake getting there, i could literally run and make my flight. i ask the flight attendent my gate number and she says that it’s just right down the terminal and that i should make it. i took a deep breath and thought how can i trust more in her words than in the plan of my Redeemer, even in the small details of today’s travels?

there wasn’t a better feeling that day (other than seeing andrew) than sitting on the mini-plane that was to take me to muskegon. i had sent a text to ak, my mom, and mal saying that i had made it. ak calls me to which i respond “don’t you dare say i told you so” – – i’m sassy sometimes, but he laughed thankful that i had caught my flight. as i flew over lake michigan, i thought of trust and how the lord had taught me a lesson in catching planes on time.

lake michigan from muskegon

trust in the lord with all your heart; do not lean on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. – proverbs 3:55-6

this verse popped into my head and hasn’t left since. john wood calls scripture  from memorization that pops into your head “little bombs” that are set off when he wants to speak to you. thankful for that simple reminder in the busyness of a morning of flying to michigan.

weekends are for traveling

(this is my motto for the month of november)

south carolina last weekend.

michigan this weekend.

 south carolina for thanksgiving.

southern joy

i had low expectations for a weekend full of people i didn’t know, but it was infinitely more fun than i could have imagined. real conversations. mary courtney + catherine! met lots of andrew’s friends from chapin. stick shift driving with my new cop friend. a visit to the zoo. grits galore. greenville’s vibe. trader joe’s.

r e h e a r s a l   d i n n e r

w e d d i n g   d a y

{ south carolina, i am loving you more and more }