a spontaneous saturday

here’s how it went down: woke up, saw some family friends were in cleveland for the day, tried to convince jessie to come with, called mal 5 times, got dressed, re-did my slept-in braids, met quickly-showered mal, then got on the road—

{ i feel it is important to mention that this was my first trip out of the house since thursday when i got a migrane that left me in bed until this little excursion }

never have i ever made a decision that quickly  //  never have i ever been near so many boys in singlets  //  never have i ever gone out of town without a plan

and it was the best!!

there’s our not-so-little john david. thought he was a sophomore, but he’s a junior. {sorry, JD} johnny, his dad, kept saying “you made him smile!” apparently, that’s an accomplishment when you’re in high school.

wrastlin’ idn’t for the faint-hearted


our sweaty little thang – WON his round

look at mal being the mom, holding the ear protectors and coconut milk AND almost smilin’

then, we ventured to chattanooga…

not a plan in sight // we loved these signs that used recycled materials to spell out words

as we left that store, we saw GOOD DOG – both of us had never been, but we were on track to go eat at TACO MAMACITA. i said,” why not? who says we can’t eat here too? we are eating here. little appetizer. come on- we are going to split one, mals!”

you see guy ferrari over there? (that’s mal being humorous)

don’t know what DOGDUST is, but lemmetellya — it’s guuuud stuff

called trey to be able to see my favorite little levi

chicken brat with a side of DOGDUST to dip in – yummm

we shopped a bit – saw some clothes that we refrained from purchasing (and when i saw refrain i really mean welovedthemsomuchthatwehadtoleavesowewouldnotbuythem)

then, to the gloryland

ate like we hadn’t eaten 30 minutes before

then, what happened inside this house… i have no words. ok, i have a few— held levi, chatted it up a bit with trey+kaite, but mainly trey’s dad — who, it’s safe to say, we [mainly mal] made an impression on!

lots of laughter – good day of hangin’ with mal – 3,000 calories eaten :: spontaneity is my new hobby ::


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