yes, that’s a title of a karen kingsbury book. a very great book that brought tears to my eyes i might add.

but, it couples as the word of this day, january 11, 2012.

i started my practicum on monday. beginning the end of college. i organized and sat in on some counseling and  since then… all i can say is today was different. i ran the front desk of the crisis pregnancy center i’m working at until may.

answered phones with some stumbling replies and help from the boss lady

soaked in the process of performing a pregnancy test

imported new contacts into the client database

remembered all the different volunteers

made new client folders to be filed

drank diet coke professionally

greeted clients as they came in for services

tried and tried to figure out how to print out labels from the computer

put a new toner in the copy machine via boss lady’s help (again)

learned how to estimate due dates according to bodily functions (PG for those boys who read)

how much can these people teach so much in one day?

i was feeling a little overwhelmed. i’ll translate “a little” … like “man, i just stuffed my face with that Chipotle bowl. i need to catch my breath so i can breathe regularly.” so not totally crushing, but enough that i re-centered myself consistently today on how christ was speaking to me.

i began to wonder how this was reflecting christ in my day. i was believing i’ll never learn it all (hello! it’s day three, emma. give it time! i’m impatient sometimes if you didn’t know). learning is a process that i’ll have to do for the rest of my life. learning more about the savior. learning more about myself. learning more through job changes. learning more about the people my path crosses with. learning more about it all. i found comfort in the fact that i won’t know how to do everything for the rest of my life. i need christ to walk before me and with me. i need to lean into him when i feel lost. well, there i go gettin’ deep unintentionally. you know what i mean. he’s the only constant we have. what a thing to be thankful for!

this season of learning is humbling.

grateful for the way that the Lord shows his majesty to me in learning the details of an internship 


3 thoughts on “learning

  1. learning is humbling… LIFE is humbling! 😉
    I think I remember mentioning that being at Hope was NEVER easy. Lives are in the balance, and I never quite got used to or comfortable with that. You’re going to be great, and you’re going to be used amazingly!

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