{ together }

“We are not saved individuals. It’s not just Jesus and me… We don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. We have an interpersonal relationship with Jesus… And we can only be healthy and function and know of God’s grace in its fullness and richness as we are plugged in deeply to other believers…God is supposed to have a body here in the world, and it’s you and me together being the church; being the body of Christ… And the world should be able to look at how we love each other and how we lay down our lives for them and know who God is…” – John Wood


sundays are for being together, slowing down, and loving one another.


One thought on “{ together }

  1. Hope you don’t mind that I stole this quote and posted it on my facebook. I may even blog about it… but first I’m storytelling some significant moments. Love this post. I agree about Sundays… sadly in ministry it’s often one of the busiest days! But I do intentionally try to savor my Sabbath. Thanks for the reminder!

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