{ not by my own strength }

Today I counseled. For like the fifth time ever. I’ve been counseling girls my age or younger but not ten years older than me.

That changed today.

My confidence to ask these girls the right questions still isn’t super high. And honestly I tried to hand this client off to another counselor because I didn’t want to do this one, but… Off I go.

As I prepared, I remembered some wise words my friend Betsy told me years ago about walking into the Bearden High School lunch room: “The Lord doesn’t need you to do his work, He is choosing you to.”

I remembered that as I sat with a woman who needed someone to listen to her.

Be encouraged that He doesn’t need you, but He wants to use you to accomplish His purposes.


One thought on “{ not by my own strength }

  1. I remember those days well. Going in to counsel someone was NEVER easy. Trusting that God will be using you as His instrument is so hard, but so cool. Way to go, girl. Hope the session went well.

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