{ guest services }

i am moving to FLORIDA in may to be on the guest services team at southwind.

is this real? it certainly doesn’t feel that way. i am graduating college with my ultimate dream job. how gracious is jesus – i mean seriously. thankful for how he knows me and my heart. even in this economy.

i want to share one small, yet significant moment that happened during my interview down at camp:

i had 4 one-on-one interviews with the department heads. each interview had its own personality. one was particularly reflective. not a word i would expect to use in describing my interview process, but then again.. i do tend to put things “in a box” so to speak. he asked: “how did you get here, in this chair, interviewing for this position?”

[insert my longest-30-second pause-ever] had i even thought of this? of course not. i’d been too worried thinking of what would/wouldn’t happen if i did/didn’t get the job. how was i going to answer this question? and do it right now?

and so the holy spirit spoke out of my mouth before my brain could process it — i responded that the seed had been sown years and years earlier. when i met chris hak in 2001? 2002? then as i continued to go back to frontier.. 2003, 2004, 2005 until my first summer as an intern. god continued, in his sovereignty, to have my path cross with people like chris (who encouraged me to apply to intern in the first place), brandon (who would trust a 19 year old to run his kitchen and ask me back for a second summer), josh (who would hassle me about running my rodeo meal in the rain and pester me about the town runners), amber (who walked through the application process to intern), andrew (who dates me and officially encouraged me: to apply for this position, that i am good at GS, and that he supported me no matter the outcome). in 2010, josh would talk to rachel and i once a week in his first summer at southwind. continually joke with us about working at southwind the following summer. to which my mind thought — uhhh, no way i’d leave frontier. then, off i go to be the GS intern at southwind (full of baby judah, capernaum, and so much more). josh jokes with me last summer about being a specialist full-time. after some time, much persuasion and repetitive conversation, i applied. i interviewed. i waited (impatiently- sorry andrew).

there i was. sitting in that chair across a department head, in my on-site interview.

and what spoke to me most? how the lord had been leading me to that exact moment for years. for, dare i say, a decade.

recalling this moment is surely more for me than for you all who read.

to remind me that HE IS ALWAYS AT WORK.

preparing our hearts.

leading us to his path.

bringing himself more glory.

forever and ever. amen.


6 thoughts on “{ guest services }

  1. So insanely proud of you and this journey of yours. Thanks for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to see how He’s going to use you. What a cool, cool thing.

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