{ couple crush }

this past weekend, i spent time with one of my favorite couples (there is definitely a list of “couple crushes”), and there is just something about being around the lundgrens… just makes me feel joy and love and encouragement and peace.

well, i do know what it is.

the spirit alive in them, working through them.

i know them from frontier ranch. steve used to be the property manager of frontier. diane came to meet me my first summer interning because she knew i loved karen kingsbury. my relationship with them did not truly blossom until after i left my interning experiences at frontier.. it was over coffee at the roastery that christ allowed our hearts to be connected over property staff, over life, over relationships, over going back to the cross.

they compliment each other so well — steve speaks truth. diane listens to your heart. steve knows property staff well. diane knows the woman’s heart of that job well. steve is a goofball. diane balances him out. they laugh. they pour into others. they give their time away.

you know those people…

the ones that just want to make you know Christ more.

the ones that say “call me anytime, any hour of the day.”

[ cherish them.

give thanks to Christ for giving us glimpses of his glory built into relationships.

tell them you are grateful for them. ]


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