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sometimes i catch myself thinking that people know about everything i do, function the same way i do, or like the same things i do. that really just shows my selfishness. i’m working on that, but it’s the truth.

i wanted to share some of my favorite go-to websites with y’all:

Back Down South : all things southern via caroline fontenot

The Gospel Coalition : great for articles on our society through a gospel lens

Peanut Butter Fingers : inspires me to be more active & my new favorite breakfast (whole wheat bagel, egg, blackberry jam) and knows all about Ocala

Paul Tripp Ministries : my #2 mustached-man with overflowing wisdom of gospel living

Rockstar Diaries : i’m in love with their bulldog, Sir Kingsley. plus, i’ll never live in a big city since i can live vicariously through these people

A Holy Experience : encourages thankfulness through joy and simplicity

Today’s Letters : i love letter writing and this is about a husband+wife’s letters to each other

Martha Stewart : creativity through eating, cleaning, creating, entertaining, living

Don’t Waste Your Cancer : Young Life family who is raw and real about a triumphant cancer battle


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