{ beginning an ending }

the end of college is near.

it’s a time i’ve felt for so long would never come.

i remember sitting with the pastor of RUF my freshman year wanting to drop out and pursue property staff because i didn’t want to be in school anymore. and, now look what i’m walking into…

surrounding my move to the swamplands, there is excitement, boxes already packed, leases in the works, but there is much to happen before may 11th.

i hope to soak in the moments of the next few weeks slowly, intentionally, and with thankfulness.

it all started thursday at my last staff meeting as an intern at Hope Resource Center. after lots of discussion of the center’s fundraising event happening next thursday — the staff prayed over me. “lord, keep emma jane longing to learn and pursue your gospel.” “thank you for her boldness that sometimes gets her in trouble.” “remind her father, that 6 glasses of wine is 4 too many.” (whoops, it was over a 5 hour period.) we all laughed at that one. “father, we are thankful for the life and laughter you radiate through her.” i don’t remember all that was said, but i know the lord was there, nudging me a little, to be confident as i leave knoxville in the weeks to come. for i have served, i have made new friends, and i have another “home” to come back to if Southwind isn’t a good fit. (obviously, those are my boss’s words. she’s in denial i am leaving.) it was a moment where i had to let them encourage me because really all i did there was God’s work, making His appeal through me. that’s something i have been working on for years. not an exaggeration. y e a r s. all encouragement given to me is is only Christ being displayed, not my own goodness.

then, friday was my last day of work at hope — the staff through me a cupcake surprise party to give me a gift. they all pitched in to get me a target giftcard to help decorate my new condo! what a lovely staff. i’ll miss them truly. they’ve been more than a staff, they’ve become my friends. i left work to rush to sub in the 4th grade class at cedar springs weekday school (my old kids!), then rushed off to Dorothy’s cabin with the roommates.

this was our last planned time together before i move to florida. an overnight in the cabin was wonderfully restful and just what we needed— full of each other’s company. lots of laughter. porch sitting, a drink in hand. as girls, we got freaked out by all the moths and bugs. listened to good music. put our phones aside because there was no service. we talked of our favorite memories of 2012 thus far. i fell asleep on the couch in the middle of a conversation. but, it’s just good to get away sometimes.

when we are all together, life just becomes simpler for us all, which lets us rejuvenate. we couldn’t quite get over how beautiful the cabin is that Dave, Dorothy’s husband, built. we loved that about it. saturday morning we went on a nature walk before heading home…

morgan found the field where Rue died in the hunger games.

jenn was our photographer extraordinaire (and then she blogged about it).

time together was the best medicine.


One thought on “{ beginning an ending }

  1. Emma Jane, you move me to tears. Please, please don’t ever stop writing. What a wonderful getaway and what a testimony to who Jesus is through you. What a testimony to being faithful to follow His leading, to be willing to be used as His instrument.
    I can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous. Deep friendships, a living faith, intentionality in the Spirit, an openness to following His leading… having lived a life of reckless abandon, completely focused on ME before finding true Life, I feel like I squandered 32 years. I know this is not my story, but His, but I can’t help but feel sad about fullness missed.
    Love that you are taking time to savor these days and special moments. You are a treasure, and while I’m excited for all that is before you, I’m terribly sad that the swampland’s gain is Knoxville’s loss.

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