{ back down south }

i went north for the last six days, but i’m home!

for a week.

then, off to florida i go!

(sorry mal & roomies)

(if i’m honest, those exclamation marks are not full of “excitement,” but rather “lots to do between now and then” exclamation marks. one day at a time, folks.)

thank goodness i ventured off to southwind, because people get stuck in young life camp ruts — i’m guilty of it too — same ones over and over and over (and over). so thank goodness i’m dating a hunk that works at timber wolf. i would have never known northern michigan’s beauty. look how pristine it is!

our days consisted of camp things and hanging out with andrew’s friends (who are incredibly hospitable, a beautiful attribute of Jesus). i loved the time i spent there and am so thankful that i had time to be present in his community up in the mitten.

a highlight of my trip was a date night to traverse city aka TC — traverse city is like the asheville of michigan. super cool shops, fun downtown, funky local places. we ate at this swanky restaurant called something Stella.

It is in the bottom of an old hospital that:
A.  really looks more like a manor
B.  has cool, funky shops in the old rooms
C.  almost feels like the tunnels of the sinking Titanic with gates that lock upon 9pm (causing you to detour all the way around the building)

AK and I ate pig brains. We were feeling crazy. Surprisingly, it was good. And I’m not just saying that. We had good conversation and got to just spend some time together. That is worth a million buck$ to me — quality time all the way, baby.

after dinner, we got hot chocolate at ak’s favorite little shop, the brew.

again, swanky, but not expensive. we enjoyed looking at the random people in there. wondered how these three very different men came to hangout with each other. joked that we liked the live music. and almost fell asleep, thus prompting our drive back to lovely lake city.

i seriously could hang out with him all the time. he is my best friend who gets me and my crazy brain, who can bowl a helluva strike, who makes me giggle, who reminds me i don’t know it all, who is full of emotion, who loves & listens to others extremely well.

the “natural” me comes out when i am with andrew and i love that aspect of being near him.

so michigan was wonderful and i’d go back in a heartbeat. my trip was full of so much that i want to tell y’all, but i’ll keep it simple and say it was exactly what i needed…

time to reflect on all that has happened for ak living in michigan for the last year.

time to think about all the changes that are comin’ up for me.

time to be grateful for andrew and the days the Lord gives us together.


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