{ K N O X V I L L E ,  T E N N E S S E E } will be a place where I became more of the real me, that Christ created me to be.

(sorry that rhymed – unintentionally)

where I drove my first car around

where I hurt more than I knew possible

where freshman-year Saturdays in the fall were full of orange and tailgating around Neyland Stadium

where I formed community (by God’s grace) from scratch

where I lived in the TinyCheetah

where it was revealed that I will continually learn what the gospel truly is for the rest of forever

where I learned the wisdom in walking through life with a mentor

where I went on countless Sonic happy hour runs

where I learned the importance of having a mentor

where I ventured to the Dogwood Arts Fest year after year

where I loved on 4th graders at Cedar Springs Weekday School

where I went on a boy sabbatical

where I let Christmas break in the TinyCheetah be renewing to my heart

where I found appreciation for the simple life

where I learned to view life through a gospel lens

where I heard Tim Keller speak for the first time

where I sought life-long friendships, but found Christ’s consistency

where I led Young Life long enough to be humbled

where I cried tears of sorrow

where I spread news of joy

where I absorbed sermon after sermon of John Wood preaching thankfulness – grace – the holy spirit – true freedom –

where I put in countless (that’s not true 511.25 to be exact) hours at Hope Resource Center

where AK came and got stuck in a hail storm (thank you, God) while we watched our cars get beat to pieces and re-bonded

i’m saying goodbye to this town in two days, but i am leaving with a heart thankful for what i’ve learned, for the relationships i’ve made, and for how Christ has shown me more of Himself here.


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