{ condo living }

My time has been split between southwind and my condo with a splash of Publix (best grocery store in America!).

I love living in a small space.

It makes me do more laundry and keep it tidy. It makes me embrace a simple lifestyle. Work and home. I was just telling Andrew how there is nowhere to stop between work and home, so there isn’t much of a temptation to shop for a cute new dress, to have Chick-Fil-A for supper, or to stop for Sonic’s happy hour. Most nights, I’ve gone home, showered, made dinner, and gone to bed before 10pm, sometimes even 8pm.

It’s just me and my bachelorette pad. Redbox is my new friend since i’m doing a whole lot of movie watching since I don’t have cable.

speaking of things i don’t have… coffee table, more shorts, rug, more decorations. the list is longer than i just admitted but i want to be grateful for what i do have, which is a lot. Job that I love, an incredibly authentic friendship, crazy good bossman, nice car, fancy clothes.

i’m just learning that living simply in the world’s eyes allows you to live richly when your focus on the Lord.

you are forced to look to him, to spend time with Him (if i am diligent enough to do that daily), and to rely on Him for all things.

He, after all, has given us the greatest gift of all. I need  to remember that more.

(I’m done with my tangent y’all)




hello summer! it sure came quick.


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