{ andrew }

happy one year (to this post) and my favorite bearded man!

(you need to click on the link to get the rest of what i’m about to say)

really, ak and i “celebrate” (B-T-DUBS, we are still figuring out what that looks like long-distance and maybe remember is a better word) our anniversary on the 21st of each month. i joke that he really should remember it because that’s when his rent is due, but sometimes we forget. and that’s ok. the lines are still blurry on what number anniversary it is…

our conclusion: it doesn’t matter the number, all that matters is looking at what we’ve learned as we continue to walk life together and remembering Christ’s grace in allowing us to do life together. 

so, babe, just a little recognition that it has been a while we’ve been doing this thing.. and my heart is full of thankfulness.

my gratefulness grows for you when you point me back to Christ (even when i’m being sassy).

my appreciation of how you love others continues to be renewed in watching you live life and do your job well.

my patience grows when i look at what you do-do, not what you don’t do.

XOXO — miss you especially today , A(y) Baby.


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