{ the intouchables }

one of our michigan outings was to the state theater — the ceiling of the theater is like a planetarium and there are two curtains in front of the screen. one that raises up while the other slides to the left and right. feels very majestic. i loved it! wish i had something with this much character near me!!

andrew and i saw this movie — we loved it! lots of laughter (by us) and lots of joy and friendship (by the people in the movie).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olhg1suvE60]

there is a part about painting in the movie… so when we got out the theater had paint for you to draw something on some of the construction railings (p.s. i think that is a wonderful idea via the theater staff)! andrew painted the SC palmetto tree and my painting was him on a paddle board (right above his work).

we caught the sunset out on the peninsula after the movie and it was so beautiful. i loved getting to be outside so much and not dripping sweat!

then, we ate at this quaint little bar on the way back down the peninsula. pizza and beer. one of my all time favorite meals. and i drank an oberon (a michigan-style blue mom). what a way to end the day.


One thought on “{ the intouchables }

  1. I can’t wait to see this movie. Hmmmm. Maybe tonite!
    When I think about you and beer and pizza, the picture is not complete without chili pepper infused olive oil.
    I miss you. Will you be able to ski this winter?

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