Y’ALL. i am always looking for an easy, new recipe. while this one isn’t necessarily new, i plan to put it in my recipe book, so i can remember how to spice up my mouth!

this is simple at its best: 1 cup canola oil, 3 TBSP red pepper flakes, 1 pkg dry ranch mix, 1 box of mini saltine crackers



birthday traditions

for andrew’s birthday this year, we decided to start making some birthday traditions.

we went and ate sushi (at NAMA) in Knoxville. he forgot his id, couldn’t order a beer. we laughed.

coke-a-cola classic, it was.

now my birthday is here!    [ COUNTDOWN: 3 days ]    i asked erin if we could institute carvel ice cream cake as my new tradition.

(a little back story on this desire… when i interned at frontier, my boss’s wife, lisa (aka ltatt), always celebrated her birthday growing up with a carvel cake and i loved that! so merging my love of ice cream and my love of ltatt — my new tradition has been born!)

more celebrations to come!