100 things

100 Things That Make Me, Me

  1. I read almost compulsively, like at least 3 books at a time.
  2. Some people think I’m funny, but I can assure you it’s unintentional.
  3. I am a pack rat with things that potentially could be memories of the past.
  4. I usually know where to find things. (i.e. I’ll be a good wife and mom, right?)
  5. I don’t like having my picture taken, but I want it taken. Oxymoron, I’m aware.
  6. I love listening to people’s stories about growing up.
  7. I would craft professionally if it were a job. Martha Stewart, call me girl.
  8. I am a dedicated cleaner of the kitchen — “clean as you go.” -Btatt.
  9. I love to help people.
  10. I can be a good hider of my flaws.
  11. I crave diet coke during Sonic Happy Hour.
  12. My current hair length bothers me.
  13. I still don’t exercise enough.
  14. I’ll never, never understand the numbers of how much memory a computer holds.
  15. I love dogs.
  16. I don’t like horses.
  17. But I’ve been known to make exceptions (i.e. I’m moving to Ocala).
  18. I don’t play hard, so I’ve never had stitches.
  19. I daydream in the shower.
  20. And sometimes sing out loud if no one can hear me.
  21. Without my planner, I’m helpless.
  22. I would drive an hour to eat at a good restaurant.
  23. I hate indoor pools.
  24. I love local boutique/antique stores.
  25. I cry if I relate to anyone in any way.
  26. I want to learn how to make my own ketchup.
  27. And bread.
  28. I’m not sure who my best friend is.
  29. But, it doesn’t matter since God is my BFFE (best friend for eternity).
  30. I have ten pairs of Chacos.
  31. But I only wear two.
  32. I talk on my cell phone while I’m driving.
  33. I’m always surprised when it rings.
  34. I don’t really read the newspaper.
  35. But I’m trying to read more of it.
  36. My kitchen has to be clean.
  37. But I’ll let my bedroom slide.
  38. I love grocery shopping.
  39. I really love a bargain.
  40. I want to own a kitchen aid.
  41. Or a panini maker.
  42. I can’t decide whether to go to a grocery store or a walmart.
  43. Or whether to start couponing.
  44. Or what to order when I go to a new restaurant.
  45. Basically, I can’t make decisions without over thinking it.
  46. I’d like to live by the water one day.
  47. Fall is my favorite season.
  48. I get a great deal of my news from The Daily Show with Mallory Brooks.
  49. I can snow ski fairly well.
  50. I would like to paint a huge canvas. One the size of a wall.
  51. I have a wonderful sense of direction.
  52. I hold up my hands to tell my left from right.
  53. I use the ATM like it’s my job.
  54. I’m allergic to coedine.
  55. I love cities, but I can’t imagine living there.
  56. I can’t follow football even though I love it.
  57. I run to make myself breathe in Jesus.
  58. I often drive to far places to see people that I love.
  59. I can identify four different kinds of cows.
  60. Centipedes freak me out.
  61. I usually have a crush on a fictional character or the pastor of Cedar Springs.
  62. Which my boyfriend knows.
  63. But not always.
  64. Considering I love reading, I buy a lot of books I shouldn’t.
  65. Most of them are used.
  66. In college, I studied Child+Family Studies. That makes it sound like I studied a lot.
  67. If I have pigtail braids in it means I didn’t take a shower that day.
  68. Unless you include counseling my own family one day (Lord willing).
  69. I yell at my thoughts too much.
  70. When I let it out, I have a funky & chunky laugh.
  71. I am not very patient.
  72. Except with a random few.
  73. Sometimes people drive me crazy – introvert alert.
  74. I have been to 2 places outside the U S of A: Mexico and Antigua.
  75. I am naturally timid.
  76. British accents melt me like butter.
  77. When people spell words out, I can’t follow quick enough to track with them.
  78. I am a morning person if I go to bed early enough.
  79. If my hair is straightened, I won’t shower for 2 days after.
  80. I’ve never had the ability to truly sleep it off.
  81. Which makes for occasional tough weekends.
  82. I try to let myself be vulnerable and loved extravagantly.
  83. Surprises make me nervous, but I want them.
  84. I still love stuffed animals. Holly Bear is 22.5 years old.
  85. I never pick up lucky (or unlucky) pennies.
  86. I wish I appreciated history more than I do.
  87. Before this blog, I had written only to Jesus in my journal.
  88. And the occasional letter.
  89. I can’t always see the writing on the remote control.
  90. For 2 years I loved driving a 1991 Volvo wagon.
  91. I am 22 and I have 3 grey hairs.
  92. In 6 years of driving, I’ve gotten one speeding ticket.
  93. Which is good, right?
  94. I love pizza and beer.
  95. I tend to repeat myself.
  96. I tend to repeat myself.
  97. When my alarm goes off, I snooze for 20 minutes, in five minutes increments.
  98. I don’t always feel like a grown-up.
  99. I don’t share the good bite with anyone. Selfish, sorry.
  100. I still make wishes when I blow out the candles.

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