bucket list

  • pursue christ above all else
  • go to Nepal/base of Mt. Everest
  • sew my own clothes
  • participate in the 48-hr book challenge
  • go to art museums in any city i visit
  • be gentler with people
  • work at a bakery
  • see a broadway show in NYC
  • hold all my thoughts captive to christ as often as possible
  • teach myself how to make good, homemade bread
  • own my own kayak (& use it)
  • give practical gifts
  • run a catering/”cheap events” business with mary fran
  • love others well
  • have 12 dates of Christmas with my husband
  • be on Young life property staff
  • read all of Karen Kingsbury’s books
  • be a white-water rafting guide
  • become a local at a restaurant/bar/coffee shop
  • let myself be loved extravagantly
  • run a half-marathon
  • restore an old home
  • own a cow and/or goat(s)

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