I Am My Relationships

I Am My Relationships // Paul Tripp, y’all. Breaking us all down to the Gospel.

God created us to be social beings. His plan, from day one, was for us to live in meaningful community with one another. Our relationships are so important to God that He positioned the command for us to love one another as second only to the call to love Him (Matthew 22:37-39). Those relationships must be a very high priority as we make our daily decisions.

No sinner can ever be your rock and fortress. No sinner can give you a consistent reason for hope. Sooner or later, everyone around you will fail you. But there’s an even greater danger here.

As you look to this person for identity, you’re not really loving them – you’re loving you. You’ve turned the second great commandment on its ear. Instead of serving people because you love them, you’re willing to serve them so that they’ll love you. This kind of parasitic relationships is never healthy.

Read it and enjoy grace this Sunday.


two girls two cities

if you love wit and travel, LOOK NO FURTHER. my girls, mallory and sarah, have started a blog about their travels within their own two cities — washington dc and memphis. get ready for wordless wednesdays, music mondays, and friendsday friday!

in the words of SRB + MAB :: “You know, it’s funny, because when you aren’t looking for something, it’s likely you won’t see it.”

here ya go, folks. something you should be looking for…

two girls two cities

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christmas shopping

confession: i have always waited until the last minute to do my christmas shopping. like christmas eve day.

this is what i dreadfully conquered year after year:

christmas crowds

this year is different. H A L L E J U A H !!!!! i am almost done (short only 4 gifts) and it’s only december 2! shopping stress avoided. that’s not what i want christmas to be about.. stress. i want it to be more focused on christ and his coming. and let’s be honest, that requires time. time that i won’t be spending shopping!

here are some christmas shopping tips that worked for me this year to change my bad habits:

  • i started thinking and brainstorming for “christmas gifts” in october // some may say that’s too early, but to find a bargain you have to look. to look you need time. to have time you need to start early. 
  • i created a google doc of christmas gift lists for my family + andrew // call me “crazy,” but i call me “organized” and i didn’t forget my good ideas when it was time to start shoppin’
  • every time i got a gift — i wrapped it almost as soon as i got home // no dreaded wrapping party for me
  • online shopping saved me // i accidentally got amazon prime, but it was a gift in disguise. free shipping on any and all items. amazon has been a big supplier of my christmas gifts.
  • i started budgeting money in september for the holidays // big ole shout out to dave brooks

speaking of online shopping, here are some of my favorite knick-knack sites:


Mark + Graham

Uncommon Goods



HAPPY SHOPPING, Y’ALL // christmas is happening

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sometimes i catch myself thinking that people know about everything i do, function the same way i do, or like the same things i do. that really just shows my selfishness. i’m working on that, but it’s the truth.

i wanted to share some of my favorite go-to websites with y’all:

Back Down South : all things southern via caroline fontenot

The Gospel Coalition : great for articles on our society through a gospel lens

Peanut Butter Fingers : inspires me to be more active & my new favorite breakfast (whole wheat bagel, egg, blackberry jam) and knows all about Ocala

Paul Tripp Ministries : my #2 mustached-man with overflowing wisdom of gospel living

Rockstar Diaries : i’m in love with their bulldog, Sir Kingsley. plus, i’ll never live in a big city since i can live vicariously through these people

A Holy Experience : encourages thankfulness through joy and simplicity

Today’s Letters : i love letter writing and this is about a husband+wife’s letters to each other

Martha Stewart : creativity through eating, cleaning, creating, entertaining, living

Don’t Waste Your Cancer : Young Life family who is raw and real about a triumphant cancer battle