{ the intouchables }

one of our michigan outings was to the state theater — the ceiling of the theater is like a planetarium and there are two curtains in front of the screen. one that raises up while the other slides to the left and right. feels very majestic. i loved it! wish i had something with this much character near me!!

andrew and i saw this movie — we loved it! lots of laughter (by us) and lots of joy and friendship (by the people in the movie).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olhg1suvE60]

there is a part about painting in the movie… so when we got out the theater had paint for you to draw something on some of the construction railings (p.s. i think that is a wonderful idea via the theater staff)! andrew painted the SC palmetto tree and my painting was him on a paddle board (right above his work).

we caught the sunset out on the peninsula after the movie and it was so beautiful. i loved getting to be outside so much and not dripping sweat!

then, we ate at this quaint little bar on the way back down the peninsula. pizza and beer. one of my all time favorite meals. and i drank an oberon (a michigan-style blue mom). what a way to end the day.


{ the butterfly circus }

y’all, a guy on young life staff in jacksonville showed this mini-movie today at work to show a group of 6th graders a glimpse of the gospel.

don’t let the 20 minutes turn you away..

it’s worth it!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/17150524]

a christmas tradition

A tradition of our family, and now the Greene family (as of 2009), is to go see a movie on Christmas night.

This year’s feature: Sherlock Holmes 2. Lots of action. Sat in a gum chair. Lots of snoring from the gentleman beside me (not my dad). A kids’ row and a parents’ row. Lots of one-liners that were quite humorous.

Love these girls and how instantly we are in stitches laughing with each other! Favorite Christmas memory thus far.


the lion king

well, ak has been trying to get me to read this sermon from grace community church for like a year. i wish i could say that wasn’t true, but it is. (sorry ak.)  i was much more of a beauty & the beast kind-of-girl. clearly, that’s how my mom potty trained mal and i – with belle panties because we wouldn’t make belle “dirty.” therefore, i do not recall most of the plot from the lion king… so if you need a refresher like me. here’s a small one – –

sacrifice. love. and the terrible scar. i don’t know why it took me this long just to pick it up and read it the sermon, but i must admit that i really love the analogy that the movie has to jesus and his kingdom.

much like simba’s newfound position, the thought is brought up in the sermon:

Consider it yourself. What would it do to your self image and the meaning of your life id you were to suddenly discover that you are royalty, an heir to a great kingdom, and the recipient of all the provisions needed for your position? Yet that’s what Paul says God gave you, and which was the whole purpose of your redemption.

if awoke every knowing that and living out of it… we would lead different lives.

that is challenging to me – – lord, may i wake up with the truth and the heart of your gospel changing the way i live for you. in freedom. in grace. in worthiness.

the sermon wraps up with faith…

But true faith is the substance of things not seen. It is taking a step out into the darkness. It is entering the battle before you have it figured out, before you feel strong enough or worthy enough. Faith is betting your life on it ,even when it’s against the odds. It is frightfully risky, the opposite of running away. It is to step out over the precipice of sacrifice, servanthood, and self-denial, clinging only to your Father, you identity, and His promises.

i want to live faithfully, resting in christ and all he provides for me. he is the king and i am his child, an heir. that’s my prayer today.

and the award goes to.

i’ve been inspired by my ranch-living, movie-watching, food-blogging pioneer woman to appreciate films more, especially old ones.

see here : 


i don’t even know what “old classics” i would watch the remakes of, so my quest begins..

i am going to watch all the films that won an academy award for best picture.

starting with the 1927 classic, wings. ( a preview ).


i will try to write about the movies as i watch them. i’m hoping my desire to watch the mallory-acclaimed king’s speech, will encourage me to watch them all at a reasonable pace.

let the watching begin…