funny friday

jimmy + justin

y’all, this is money.

ca$h monayyy.


the oh hello’s

new music for this new month… of loving others fiercely and celebrating andrew’s birth

favorite lyric: like the dawn you woke the world inside of me


ra-ra-raw:: episode 1 // hey ho

y’all, i love when things are stripped down. raw. real. at its simplest.  //  even if you see the imperfections in it. even if it’s broken. even if it’s not as good as something new and finished.

old pieces of furniture. the gospel. un-make up-ed face. good conversations with a friend. or, this song. more raw songs to come…


{ flowers in your hair }

so now i think that i can love you back, but i hope its not too late because you’re so attractive in the way you move. i won’t close my eyes.