two girls two cities

if you love wit and travel, LOOK NO FURTHER. my girls, mallory and sarah, have started a blog about their travels within their own two cities — washington dc and memphis. get ready for wordless wednesdays, music mondays, and friendsday friday!

in the words of SRB + MAB :: “You know, it’s funny, because when you aren’t looking for something, it’s likely you won’t see it.”

here ya go, folks. something you should be looking for…

two girls two cities

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a new year

for 2012 i decided to make resolutions i would be able to keep. things turned out pretty well for me… my two resolutions were to bring recyclable grocery bags in when grocery shopping and to paint my fingernails regularly for work. if i had received a grade… i’d have given myself a B.

for 2013 —




BRING IT ON 2013 — the year of the beard… (in more ways than one)


come to save us

this is a staple for me. not even ’round our beloved christmas time, but year-round.

“You’re the One that saves us.”

And, thank goodness He did!


california, y’all

anybody know i was born in the oc? true.

went back to my roots + headed west earlier this month for challenge course manager training at Oakbridge. we flew into San Diego and got to spend a sec in the city/on the beach. it left me wanting to explore and get into the culture out there. instead, we hightailed it to a starbucks, then headed to camp — here’s a peak of what went on.

ropes course photo

housekeeping thoughts

we have had three different groups in camp in the last 3 days. keeping. us. busy.

today i was in housekeeping. not one of my favorite things to do, but my brain started turning and my mind started connecting some dots and i wanted to see more of christ in my work this week… these are my thoughts:

cleaning camp — it’s hard work. and i only take part in turning camp over every now and then. we have to pick up the dirty things and sweep the floors before we can really get the rooms sanitized and vacuumed and bathrooms mopped and wiped down. my mind jumped to how christ ultimately cleansed us of our “dirtiness,” our sins + on the cross. and every day his mercies are new and i get a fresh start. housekeeping is like that in a way. cleaning up the mess. and it always becomes clean again.

obviously, the gospel is infinitely different and better (and perfect on its own!) than my housekeeping analogy. i’m sure there is a more eloquent way to connect those dots, but there is my muddled brain seeking to see more of the cross and the gospel in the little things.

hope your christmas season holds some stillness and rest //

“merry christmas and long live the King” -father christmas, in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe