{ h a p p y   h a l l o w e e n }

not a huge participant of the holiday, but this tickled my fancy this halloween season:

M O T H A  (like martha and moth-a) you should say it out loud. go ahead… clever huh? now — the best part: that is the real martha stewart.

brilliantly funny.

gave me the giggles.


and, today is the day i turn in my almost 20pager for children’s lit. << let freedom ring >>

cheers  for  all  noshavenovember  will  bring :: scarves – beards – sec football – cold weather – turkey&dressing – michigan – house shoes – classes ending – more pumpkin goodies – double dose of south carolina


message in a (diet coke) bottle

my life has been so hectic this semester that i’ve barely had time to do

what i love :: craft

i took some time on friday to send a little love to my friend weston

{ confession: this was not my idea. i borrowed it.

thanks to thirteen ounces or less }

but, i thought i’d share in case anyone else is into mail like me

that string is hot-glued to the lid, so that it’s not hard to get the letter out. pulls it out all by itself – – brilliant, right?

side note : that little blue part in the cap has to be taken out because the hot glue won’t stick to it. had to use my handy dandy pocketknife for that one. thanks guest services for making me have a knife on hand. 

this string is my new favorite accessory (and the zig-zagged kraft paper from target, $1.00 – love it!).

used orange+white string for my vols #GBO #VB

and here’s a visual on how it operates.

i loved this – mailing fun things might become my new hobby


{ just a few things that have screamed fall to me this year }

it’s the simple things ’bout this season that bring me so much joy. the orange inside of the oreo with the witch cookie on top. airplane rides over the smokies, full of color. the seasonal brew only available for a few months. falling leaves changing colors. autumn-scented candles always burning. the appearance of everything silently supporting the vols in orange.

as much as i want fall to stay, it’s nice to look forward to it every year. changing leaves, lives molded+changed, as the years change, with changed hearts.

outwardly manifesting what inwardly is always happening..

leaves dying to be brought life in the spring – – dying to ourselves to live more for christ

lane davis

once when mal, claire, and i were young(er), we went to visit susan at murray state university in kentucky.

[side note: we’d all been in a fashion show. mal had like REAL 80s hair. teased. huge. frizzy. hairsprayed. ugly. wish i had documentation. i don’t.]

(claire and i :: circa 2005)

met a girl named lane who sang to us in her rustic lil’ apartment for what seemed like hours.

i wanted her cd in 2004… and here it is …her first cd : patchwork memories

favorites so far — better off, home, together

october is almost over – where is the time going?


what a wonderfully relaxed and simple weekend – – here are a few shots of the wedding festivities. i’ll let the pictures tell the story this go’round.

// so thankful for \\

– erin and her wise words –

– being in warm weather –

– square dancin’ –

– chrissy’s simplicity –

– abundant laughter from josh’s humor –

– seeing summer friends –

– farm life –

– twenty page paper being pushed back a week –

– real conversations with real friends –


mal and i have discovered {separately, but simultaneously} that the brooks family loves a good dip.

as an appetizer, as a meal, as breakfast. it’s much like diet coke to our tasebuds :: the hour doesn’t matter. we are always sittin’ on gooooo.

here’s a new one – so new, it’s not even named.

{all you need} one roll of sausage, one 8oz box of cream cheese, and one can of rotel

  • start off by browning your sausage

  • note 2 :: it really is worth it
  • obviously, you’ll want to drain the grease off, but then you want to dump this hot batch of perfectly crumpled sausage on top of the block of cream cheese (so it will melt the cream cheese) and the can of rotel (which you don’t want to drain); both at the same time that way it gets ooey {with rotel} and not just gooey {with cream cheese}
  • stir stir stir
  • (think a high class rotel dip here)
  • bake bake bake until sides are bubbly
  • then, serve with FRITOS – i know, my grandfather eats them too, but they really are the best chip to eat with
  • it’ll get gobbled up quick. pinky promise.
example A (see below)
look at all those hands going after a dip – enjoy!